Your Key to DECODING the French Canadian Market

No matter the situation, how you communicate has a direct impact on how you are perceived.

Code-x translation and localization helps you get across your message clearly to your target audience by offering a range of language services in French and in English.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

– Nelson Mandela

Certified member of <a href="" target="_blank" class="primary inline">OTTIAQ</a>

Certified member of OTTIAQ


Associate member of the <a href="" target="_blank" class="primary inline">ATA</a>

Associate member of the ATA

Creativity. Efficiency. Flexibility. Proficiency. Sincerity. I rely on these watchwords to ensure your communications are not only accurate and effective, but also engaging.

As a consummate language professional, I have learned to combine my creativity and experience to craft compelling copy which will uniquely appeal to your target demographic, whether in print, on the web or in a mobile app. After working for many years as an in-house translator for a number of advertising agencies and well-known Canadian companies, I started CODE-X TRANSLATION AND LOCALIZATION to broaden my reach and my experience.

Having been raised in a bilingual household, I am equally fluent in French and English, and I am one of the only translator that is a member of both the ATA (American Translators Association) and OTTIAQ (the largest professional corporation for translation in Canada).

My diversified abilities have led me to work with a wide range of clients, but through it all, one passion remains : finding the exact wording that will engage your audience.

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Content marketing & editorial translation

Sometimes a straightforward translation is not enough — you need someone who will carefully craft an original message based on the source content, but tailored towards the expectations and distinctive specificities of the French Canadian culture.

Translation and adaptation

Translation and advertising adaptation lie between strict adherence to the source text and some measure of creative license. The aim is to convey all the subtleties of the source message as accurately as possible in French, while adopting the proper register for the intended audience.


Translation and adaptation of interactive (transactional) and static websites, mobile applications, multiplatform games and software.

Editing and Proofreading

By detecting and correcting the various flaws of a document — improper grammar or syntax, wrong spelling or punctuation, incorrect terminology or register, semantic shifts or reversals — these tasks aim to improve the impact, structure and clarity of the text.

Cases in point.

Here’s how I solved some of my clients’ problems. From video translation to an entire website copy, I have been able to speak the most important tongue: my client’s.


Marketing adaptation

Editorial translation


In their own words

“Sébastien has been a pleasure to work with. He is professional and responsive, and has helped us navigate through some tricky projects that would likely trip up the average translator. I look forward to working more with him in the future!”

Geoff Norby



“I worked with Sébastien many years ago in a previous company, and always found the quality of his work and his attitude to be top notch. He is able to do simple and technical translations, but I find that he really shines in creating copy for marketing campaigns.”

Linda Young-Blendick

Director of Marketing


“Sébastien Adhikari is a pleasure to work with and provides materials in a very timely and efficient manner. He translated our entire website and was always available and easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone requiring a true professional to work with.”

Sharon Hapton

Founder and CEO


“Sébastien has been a valued collaborator for several years. He delivers thoughtful adaptations, often under tight timelines, and is a delight to work with.”

Éric Blais



“Sébastien has worked as a contract translator for us since December 2011, and in that time, has proven himself to be a valuable resource for French content.”

LaRhea Granz

Content Project Manager


Your time to talk

Do you have a project for me, or simply want to know more about my services? Please contact me by email, by phone or through this short submission form.


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partials of work

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  • • couette et café
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  • • comprend : Le petit-déjeuner-buffet complet pour deux personnes

Website Review

about this


  • • Delta Hotels and Resorts (through Headspace Marketing)


  • • 2012


  • • Full website


Delta Hotels and Resorts was the largest hotel chain based in Canada (they were bought by Marriott in 2015). Unfortunately, they did not have a centralized translation department, and so each property was left to arrange for translation by themselves, which resulted in a hodgepodge of results. Some were translated by professional translators, others by bilingual staff as best they could. Some hotels even used Google Translate.

In early 2012, I was hired to do a thorough linguistic review of the online presence for all 42 properties. In addition to correcting faulty translations, my duties included creating a standardized glossary and style guide, updating sections in English and French which were no longer relevant, and providing brand new translations when the existing copy was incoherent or untranslated.

Editorial Translation

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  • • ACE Bakery (through Headspace Marketing)


  • • 2013


  • • Briefing kit


ACE Bakery is an artisanal bakery which sells its premium products throughout North America. In 2013, they launched a new initiative called the “Artisan Incubator” to showcase the talents of the best food artisans in Canada and help them grow their business.

Because food and cooking play an important role in French culture, I wanted to be fully prepared before starting translation on this project. I therefore went to the ‘Hotel and Tourism Institute of Quebec’ to contact some experts and gather some reference materials which enabled me to create a fully adapted translation with the proper terms and style.

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  • • Pazazz Printing


  • • 2010


  • • Video


In 2010, the Canadian Printing and Packaging Association held its annual conference in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Pazazz Printing was one of the sponsors, and so created a series of comedic videos affirming the relevance of their industry in a digital world.

partials of work

Marketing Adaptation

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  • • Foodland (Sobeys)


  • • 2014


  • • Print ad


As part of their summer 2014 campaign, the Foodland grocery chain created a series of print ads focusing on food-related outdoor activities (BBQ, campfire) with recipes to match.